In 2007 the two principal founders of Rocke Solid® started off selling outboard engines to the military. When confronted with the obstacle of maneuvering and moving an outboard engine that weighed 270 pounds (or sometimes more!), they designed, developed, and manufactured a product that is now known as the OEMR (Outboard Engine Maintenance Rack). This innovative rack system allows a single person to safely and easily move the 270 pound outboard engine with no additional assistance. The development of the patented Clever Foot Lever™ aided in the advancement of the rack design. Today, we have more 850 units fielded to the federal government with many more on order.

From the lessons learned in the design of the rack system and seeing a need in the delivery of food and beverage industry, we proceeded to take our knowledge and develop, design, and manufacture the patented Clever Foot Lever™ to be integrated with hand carts already in the field.


Want to reduce back strain?  –  Want to reduce time to deliver product?  –  Want to hire women?

The Clever Foot Lever™ was originally developed to reduce the pull-back of the Rocke Solid® Rack System by more than 90%, all while moving a heavy, awkward outboard motor. It can be a useful tool for every product delivery driver. It is easier, safer, and reduces health issues for delivery drivers.  After seeing the benefits received by the users of the Clever Foot Lever™, and learning about the the need for a product like it from professional delivery drivers, we developed it to fit the Magliner and other hand carts.

The average hand cart is stamped with a loaded weight allowance of 500 pounds. Without the Clever Lever™, it is almost impossible to pull that much weight back without straining your back.

  • Reduces Pull-Back by at least 85%
  • Carry More Weight
  • Reduce Workers Comp Claims
  • Reduce Excessive Repetition of Body Motions
  • Reduce Ergonomic Health Risks