Reduce Injury

According to OSHA the direct cost attributable to work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) total $15 to $18 billion per year, with indirect cost (such as resulting management costs or the cost of production losses) increasing the cost to employers to more than $45 billion.”

– August 2014,

Visit and use the calculator to determine the True Cost of Employee Injuries.

Analysis Example:
Suppose an employee had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery and the insurance claims total $10,000. The Indirect Costs can then be estimated at $11,000 and the Total Costs become $21,000. If we assume a profit margin of 5%, then the true impact of this employee’s surgery is $21,000 divided by 5% or $420,000, which is the estimated additional sales needed to maintain this company’s 5% profit margin. Visit for EEOICP statistics and compliance assistance.